Need to Define Region

How do you create a region by selecting lines in the same plane? Where is the select Region button?

Don’t know what a Region is in this context but there are various ways of grouping elements, most obviously by using layers.

most obviously by using groups :wink:

True. Layers aren’t a good tool for creating separation in SketchUp.

Sarcastic humor intended, you need to start by defining for us what you mean by “region”

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Have you ever wondered SU works in x,y,z but the Earth is a sphere;
SU + GE and for that matter GPS uses what is called the WGS 84 ( aka NAD 83) ( North American Datum )for the Earth. It is made up of a number of spherical harmonics and is Earth centric vs the old NAD 27 was based on ranch in KA I think. All map projection as you know are flat and when you get SU data it is x,y,z.
SU and MAPS are flat so there are transformation made. One what is called UTM and another Sate Plane ( there are more). To get accuracte lat and long data those are broken down in regions and one has to use the correct region data or you will be in error. CONOUS uses state plane while others use UTM and data tables are in the SU program you down load that have the information for them. The US uses State plan because it is more accurate vs UTM.
There is a plgin that will convert the x,y, z data to lat and long for you. I assume it uses region data. No button
My SWAG:smiling_imp:

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