Need some help with adding trim to an object in Sketchup!

I am still learning how to work in Sketchup as I go, and I have created a canopy for a new building we designed. Its an odd shape but it was very easy to draw in Sketchup. But now I need to add trim to the top, bottom, sides and corners but I have no clue how to do that. :frowning: so I hope someone in here can tell me what to do. Thanks!HCC ATHLETIC FACILITY.skp|attachment (13.6 MB)

Your attachment didn’t upload successfully. It might be too large for the forum, in which case you can upload it to a sharing site such as DropBox and provide a link here.

It would also help if you can expound a bit more on what you mean by “trim”.

Yeah it was about a 5.8mb size drawing…oh well…by “trim” I mean like door and window trim, ceiling and floor moulding etc. I have a large canopy with metal panels that I need to trim out but have no clue how to create that

Ok here it is…I just snapped a pic of my screen

That should upload directly to the forum without a problem. Try it again, and allow time for the upload to complete before clicking the button to finish your edit.