Need open polygons/stray lines help



I use the geo location tool. I trace over the images above the images. On projects that are large I run into issues where the resulting traced shapes appear to have a stray line somewhere. I have a stray lines tool to help find these but in some cases there are none but it still indicates that there are some. I need to be able to color the areas in.
I have profiles selected in the edge view option. This is how I know which lines are affected.

In the past I have just divided the shapes until I find the “so-called” stray line. Which really is a time suck. Other times I have been forced to completely start from scratch.

I am in the process of upgrading to the pro license but I don’t know if that will help either.

Any help or add on tool would be greatly appreciated.
thank you!


This is just a wild stab, which I can’t verify unless you can share a model that exhibits the problem:

Could it be that the edges you have drawn are not actually coplanar, that is, that endpoints differ slightly in z? This is a common occurrence unless you are scrupulously careful while tracing lines on an image. Depending on the amount of z difference, the viewing direction, and the zoom level, small departures from a plane can be hard to see. If this is the cause, there are extensions that can flatten your edges to a single plane - search sketchUcation and the Extension Warehouse.

Upgrading to Pro will have no impact on this problem. It does not change anything about the way geometry is represented in the model or include any additional tools for healing problems.


I will try using one of those extensions. Do you have a favorite or one you could recommend? I trace on a surface above the geo location imagery. I thought that those lines would snap to the active surface.


This is the right technique, but you still have to pay attention to make sure the inference engine is doing what you expected. Watch for “On Surface” tooltips.


I am still not having any luck. For what ever reason I can’t get the plugin to load.Also it doesn’t look like the flatten faces plugin will let me pick which z axis I want to flatten too.


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