Need Help with a "simple" Dynamic Component

Tent 1.skp (342.7 KB)
I dont have alot of experience with dynamic components, but I feel like it could be the simple solution to what I have currently been tasked with. We have a client who makes large inflatable tents. He wants to be able to scale these tents to different foot print sizes (for example: take a 50’ x 30’ tent and make it into a 40’ X 20’ tent) without changing the air chamber (tube) diameter or the overall height of the tent. The tutorials I have seen for Dynamic components lead me to believe that would be the ideal solution but I dont know enough about them to actually create the formulas myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am no expert but I think that since this requires the follow me tool to create the tube at various lengths and angles it will not be practical to do with dynamic components because that geometry can not be created on the fly or scaled without distorting the tube.

But I could be wrong.
Maybe an extension like the engineering toolbox would help

If the roof pitch is constant, the tube frame can be made dynamic by splitting it into five subcomponents or groups, three for the straight parts and two for the corners. You then add formulas to determine their position and size.

Thanks Guys, Roof pitch would be constant. I think I could probably get it divided into the subcomponents , its adding the formulas that is way over my head lol.

Sadly, there is nothing simple about Dynamic Components. As has been pointed out here, you first have to start thinking about how the various elements need to be broken down so that the governing formulae will work. After that, for what you want to do, the formulae are not that complex but the way things have to be input is so cumbersome that few people bother. If you cannot do it yourself, it may be best to post this in the Collaboration section and be prepared to lay someone to do it for you.

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Oh I just assumed the pitch was variable.
I do not think it will require anything but basic math skills

Like Anssi said.

This includes a bit of Trigonometry. Not for beginners. Tried my version. Invested couple hours and it’s not close to being finished.

Best of Luck


I’d say that if all that is now needed is to be able to multiply up the number of inflatable tubes and add a canopy, it is quite close to being finished. A rattling good start anyway!

Thanks for Kind Words. Making “copies” is easy. Still missing Columns. Tie-Beams between columns in addition to Roof Membrane.


Thank You guys, I appreciate all the help! I’ve beeen playing around with it as well. Nino, you made much more progress than I did.

Consider sharing your DC with Compos for BottElbow, TopElbow, AngledTube, TallColumn and ShortColumn. I’d be glad to suggest approach based on your lead and develop required Trig for the calculations.


I’m more than happy to share anything you need. Please excuse my ignorance, but how would I go about doing that? I wont lie you lost me at compos lol. I appreciate all your help with this project.

Thank You!

Share your SKP with the SPECS for Tube DIAMETER and Diagonal Tube ANGLE.

My DC-Study may have missed your client’s specifications.


Tent 1.skp (342.7 KB)

The tube diameter is 2’ and the roof angle is 13.5 degrees.


As promised; attached is my method to attain the more intricate elements on this challenge.


PipeTent TUT 140429.pdf (371.0 KB)