Need help to make the egg plastic tray

Hi everybody i want to make egg plastic tray but i cant understand from where should i start and how to make the lower part any help or suggestion plz. Is there any alternative plugin for “tools on surface”.

I used the Roundcorner plugin after completion and Joint Push&Pull if you want thickness.


Great can u plz send the final file let me c what was going wrong with me

Where did you got stuck ? Maybe we can take it from there.

ok i will attach my file u will know where im stuck

egg tray plastic.skp (615.7 KB)

First, the proportions are off. As you saw I used that picture to follow the proportions. Then it looks like you didn’t created the sphere and you used a cone. That is alright but it is not deep enough. Then the intersections of the four holes should be done from the sides not the top.
I thought the Gif is quite alright, have your tried to follow step by step ?

yeah if u master can help i can learn more from u all

really thanks for the reply and good animating reply to understand clear way

This might be too heavy for you but you can use it to create your own.

Component_1.skp (1.0 MB)

If you can create the flat circles and shape I can show you how to do it next…

Edit: Uploaded v2013 !

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can u plz send me in 2015 pro i dont have 2016 pro