Need help recreating a duct system

I am very new to SketchUp and I have been trying to learn by recreating a drawing that was given to me by my friend. I can do most of the stuff except the pipe attachments on the sides like the top take off and angle boot. It is pretty confusing on how to draw them. So if someone can help me recreate this drawing it will be great. Your help is much appreciated. I have attached a drawing below.
Thank You

If you do a lot of this type of work this plugin might be useful.

There are also air duct models in the 3D warehouse for examples for you to build upon.

It depends what you want with your model, the drawing you are following is pretty rudimentary, if you want it to look like that you can, you just need to draw in the edges as shown and stitch the faces together. Faces are basically made from triangle, so you would need to draw in all the edges that would form the angles and curves.
There are several plugins and methods that can help.
For example here is Curviloft.
And go Here for a couple of manual ways.

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