Need help finishing drawing

I am mostly finished with a drawing of a pretty straightforward plastic rivet, but haven’t been able to figure out how to finish it. It is a very common design with two prongs which spread out when a pin is inserted into the top, thus securing it in place.

The prongs are to be tapered on the tips, and that is what I haven’t figured out. If someone would please take a look and explain what I need to do I would be most grateful.

rivet.skp (237.8 KB)


Hey Dave,
Thanks for the input. They are really close, but the folks I would be providing them to will settle for nothing less than exact duplicates of the examples in the included photo. This may be one of those cases where Sketchup just doesn’t have the capability to recreate the original, even with the skill and talent of folks like yourself.
Thanks for the response!

For one thing, the bore can’t be the diameter of the pin less it would never tighten. It needs to taper down to nearly nothing at the bottom.


Yeah, that I know, or you would have an interference “fit”. The trouble area for me is getting the taper to the ends of the prongs.

Give the follow me tool a try. Cut the slit after you lathe the leg portion.


Edit: See if this helps, it’s only a guess on the profiles.


Trun on hidden geo, when you extrude the pin, stop at selected points( you have to determine points) and create face at that point, those can be selected and scaled to your hearts desire to make almost any profile.
Other thoughts : You probably need to make sure you include appropriate radius ( at tooth top interface) since that will be high stress point and if you are 3 d printing account for shrink < depends on material used but can be several mils ~.005 for pin

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