Need help doing a 2BDR, 2.5bath condominium dimensioned layout

I want to outsource a simple 2BDR, 2.5 bath condominium dimensioned layout. I have all the dimensions on a well detailed approximate layout. Just need to create a more accurate layout at scale.


I am available for hire if you willing to pay to have this done. I’ve also sent you a private message.

Hi Tom.

Thanks for responding.

I’m attaching what I have. I did this plan in graphic/presentation software (keynote) and while it looks good, it’s not accurately to scale.

Two questions.

1/Seeing this, can you do this on a fixed fee basis?

2/If you crest a plan in SU, will I be able to access it to drop furniture, finishes, etc into the plan online?


Tom Stat
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