Need help creating arced table legs with pedestal

I am trying to create a table leg that is an arc (see the attached picture). I can’t seem to create the arc part no matter what I try. I have been able to create the arc but when I try to move it into place or set it up to work with the table top it distorts and won’t go into place. Attaching a pedestal base seems impossible too

Could you upload the skp file here (use the seventh icon from the left at the top of the reply window)? Without the file we can only guess what may be causing your difficulties.

Dave Richards taught me a technique that may help. Begin by making a temporary drawing plane–a rectangle that’s the height of the arc but only half its width. Draw the rectangle so it lines up with the red and blue axes. Now use the 2-point arc tool (or a Bezier curve plug-in) to draw a curve for the outside edge of half the arc. (You only need to draw half because the arc is symmetrical.) Repeat for the inside edge, or use the offset tool to move the first arc in the necessary distance. As you draw the arcs, look for prompts that say things like “on face” or “tangent to edge” to make sure the arcs are in the proper plane. Erase all the unneeded lines, select all the geometry for the arc, copy and flip it along the red axis to complete the shape. Then use the push/pull tool to make the arc the proper thickness. Make it a component. You can use the same procedure to make the pedestal. Draw it in place, centered under the arc.
Hope this helps.

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Sorry I just gave up I didn’t even save it.

David, thank you that is what I did figure out, unfortunately if you look at the picture it is more of a U than an arc and when I try to make it a U it distorts incorrectly.

Just as a U has a straight side that flows into a curve, so does your pedestal. So, instead of drawing the arc from the top to bottom, begin the curve maybe 2/3 of the way down. Then erase your waste and you’ll have it. No need to try to move the geometry afterward.

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Hi Rachel, hi folks.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

JTable with arched legs.skp (74.6 KB)

Thank you I can’t open the folder it is a newer version than I have can you
save it dummied down?

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Here’s an older version: Table with arched legs 8.skp (99.6 KB)

Hi Jim, hi folks.

Thanks, you saved me a few minutes.

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