Need help creating an aerodynamic train cab for high speed rail

hello i am trying to create a end car for a high speed train i have been making but i am having trouble getting it to look right i am using most of the ferdo6 tools and i do get most of the shape i want but the line and face count is absurdly high making the cutting of windows out of the mesh a painful and time consuming task i have been at it now for a week and am about at the end of my tether does any one out there have a set procedure i.e recipe ,set of steps they follow that provides good results when they design aerodynamic forms thank you

You should be able to make a simple aerodynamic shape with the native tools - try starting with a rectangular block, add a sloping front, then draw a cross-section of the cab with suitably rounded edges on one side of your block. Then draw a curve of the shape you want to sculpt round the edges and use Follow Me around the cross section.

It isn’t entirely straightforward - for example, the profile curve should have a smaller radius than the sharpest curve in the line you are trying to ‘follow’ round the edge of the cross section. To control the number of faces created, limit the number of segments per arc or circle (or other shape) in both the follow me curve, and the profile.

For more organic shapes than those based on line and circular arcs, try also Soapskin and Bubble plugin, as well as or instead of Fredo’s tools.

Here’s a very simple example:Simple APT.skp (166.3 KB)

Is there any image of the real train that you have in mind? There are many forms.
Your example would help.
And what have you got sofar as a model?

ah sorry for the late… very late reply but i work it out :slight_smile: took a few years… and a slight mental breakdown lol but these are what ive got so far um i hope 3d ware house links are ok :slight_smile: aria | 3D Warehouse … still a right pain to get them looking right but meh good enought right :slight_smile:

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