Need help creating a 3d printed holder

Hello everyone,

I’m really sorry for my english, but these is my last chance to learn better sketchup modelling.
The reason why I need your help is a small holder, PLEASE
I should creat an 3D printed holder for my father.
On the Web, I found an example which one I would take to import into sketchup.
For better learning I prefer it, to create these model new with some small changings.
I could also take the imported model and take some changes on this drwaing, but I think this is not the right way. However, since more than 8 hours I try to creat thes holder, but I’m to bad.
Is it possible to create this drawing on sketchup??
On of the biggest problem are the sharp corners, I can not round it.

Thanks a lot for your helpfulness
my (114.1 KB) my example.skp (168.4 KB)

model-01.skp (322.0 KB)


Oh, that’s great!!!
Thank you very much.
I will take a look on this file in 6-7hours, because I‘m at shool.
LET ME KNOW how you do this,PLEASE

I tried it more than 8hours and I had no idea how I can do this

With Fredo6 FredoScale, Fredo6 Round Corner, JHS PowerBar and TIG Mirror plugins (in Google SketchUp 8)

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Unfortunately, the web version can’t run those extensions (or any extensions) :worried:

The model is also easy to modeling in SketchUp for School (or SketchUp Free), without using plugins.

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Thank you very much, that’s great!!
I got it,!!!
I will also try it, to make round corners, by the next step. I think (maybe)this should be possible wit extrude on path. I cannot use plugins

Your tutorial is great. Thanks a lot. The way how you do it is very simple, but the know how, „what way is the right one“ is very complicated.

However, thanks a lot and sorry for my English

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In Windows 7, you can install SketchUp Make, and it support plugins, for rounded corner use Fredo6: RoundCorner .

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