Need help accessing old 3DWarehouse account

Hello! We need help regaining login access to our “Reallusion iClone” account on 3DWarehouse.

Since your login is a Google thing, back to when we were owned by them, there’s not much we can do. We did check your account to see if you had ever logged into 3dwarehouse since we ported it from our days at Google, and you hadn’t. Google did NOT give us the emails of 3dwarehouse users when they sold us to Trimble because it would go against their policy. Imagine the ramifications of the worst case: I’m a spammer, I buy 3dwarehouse from Google to get access to a whole lot of email addresses so I can spam or sell them. Not good.

Instead, we required you to login once on the new one, and then we would have it on record by your OK’ing it via Google OAuth 2. Your best bet would be to go through Sign in - Google Accounts and see if you can recover it from Google. Sorry we can’t be of more help.