Need copies name to be same

hi everyone
I am having a trouble to find out how to name all the copies the same name as copy 0.0
when I hit the number of shelves in my dc cabinet to be 3 I get. shelve , shelve copy 001, shelve copy 002. I need them all to be called shelove. thanks a million

Place shelve in a wrapper say shelf_num, then copy that to get shelf_num, shelf_num001… however the shelve name is of course preserved in each copy. This applies to layer control too, as copies are placed on layer0. whereas shelve can retain its unique layer.

thanks for the reply.
would you have an example for the wrapper I am not sure if I got you right.I mean I don’t know what it is. a group or component or something similar ? thanks

can be either, however components are more reliable. So draw a temporary line on the shelve component, select both and make a component called as you seem fit, then go inside, delete the line. Then you have a component wrapper around a component. Then correct the formula.
Alternatively rename your shelve component to shelf_num (or name of your choice), enter the component, select the geometry and make that the shelve component,…that ever suits your work flow

This wrapping method can be used for other workarounds like to enclose a component for rotation, or for swapping where you want attributes to update.

bookcase shelves.skp (48.2 KB)
edit: however, this maybe not the best practice as the report writer does not show the copy numbers as per the instance name, but the definition name.

copies of a definition can be shown as per the save report with this model

Unfortunately, Dynamic Components works as an extension to SketchUp, therefore the dynamic properties are not built into the component object type in the application. This is why a new component definition is created every time you change your dynamic attributes in a way that alters the items inside your component in a way that is not simple scaling of the whole.