Need an animator



I didn’t know where to ask the question about my quarry. So please don’t mind if anyone finds anything wrong with this article. Actually, I want to add some animated videos to myApple Customer Support website. The videos must attract the customer. If there is anyone who can do it, contact me.


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To get the best response for something like this, you will want to give a little more detail about the kind of animations you want, and give an idea of the compensation you will offer.


While there is animation capability in SU it usually relates to animating sketchup models which I’m not sure is your need? maybe it is. As this is a SU forum you might not get what you need here? but worth a try.
I would recommend trying “Upwork” ( to find an animator, but as Aaron says you will need to be more specific in outlining your needs. The best thing to do would be to find an example of the animation style/type you like/want and reference it.