Need a link to the 3D warehouse

Hummm Something new . . Did not know there was a 3D warehouse of things to print . . Can I GET A LINK TO IT ? . . I have several things I have made which other might want . .guessing I up load the STL files right ?

You’re still using SketchUp Make for your 3D printing business and now you want to take the work of others to sell, too.

The 3D Warehouse does not support SketchUp Make. You can find a link if you search the internet.

AHUUM Dave I said i wanted to UPLOAD things not down load things . . And it would need the STL file to make anything . . Got to slice them with Slic3r or some other program to make the parts on a 3D printer , , And yes Still using 2016 Make . . Same version for years and get by and make parts for me and other people . . And over 80 years old too

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You can search like I told you to find the 3D Warehouse and upload your model files there.

Commercial use is commercial use. You’ve been violating the EULA for years and are not shy about admiting it.

At your age you should know better.

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