Need 5 gallon square pail drawn


I am looking for someone who would be interested in earning some money to draw a 5 gallon rectangular container for me?


What width, height or depth would you like? this model contains ‘containers’ with a square base and depths of 1 to 24 inches. 5 gallon.skp (53.5 KB)


Height is 14.375" x 9.75" depth x 11.75" face width. I have a. skp file of a round 5 gallon pail with both fittings so you wouldn’t have to redraw them if you want


see attached

5 gallon pail(1).skp (1.88 MB)


Those dimensions give you a 7+ gallon container.


Even in UK gallons, it’s almost 6 gallons, if brimful.


John you are correct


So it’s a 7 gallon container not a 5 gallon?

In Sketchup width=X, height=Y and depth=Z.
So is it 11.75X14.375X9.75?


rated at 20 liters witj some outage


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