Need 2019 installer to migrate to a new computer

I need help transferring my 2019 license to a new desktop,
How can I have access to download the 2019 version ?
Thank you!

The company no longer has 2019 available on their download page. That’s an example of why I always try to keep copies of the installers.



Thank you!!

It would be nice to check off @dezmo’s reply as the “Solution.”

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Thank you , I will

Solution! thank you

Oh, what do you know, I was able to check it. I thought only the OP could do that.

You are the OP. Humberto did not find a way to open topic yet :wink:
So it a solution for Humberto, not for your topic! :innocent: :blush:

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... no longer applies ...

… which means it should not be marked as the solution.

And, everything from Humberto’s post on down is off-topic. (His issue is about the application license.)


So much for my human brain “multitasking” back and forth from work tasks to reacting to this BB. Human consciousness can only run on one processor at a time, and I guess swapping out working memory to disk can loose some information in the process.

You will notice that I moved these recent posts to its own topic, and reapplied dezmo’s Correct solution.


Single-core just like CAD operations :wink: