Nearmap aerial imagery is now available in SketchUp’s Add Location!

The cost is a measly 4 cents per tile, with a minimum purchase of 200 continuous tiles. At 4 cents, I bought the minimum 200 tiles for a site layout and was very happy with the quality.


We’ve reported your issues to the Trimble team who manages the search service. They are working on a new release with improved accuracy in the US. We hope that will go live a a few weeks.


you wrote “In addition to the tour, which explains the resolutions, you could have tried the preview tile feature for free before buying.”

Not per sé.
If I press that button is says that it can’t show the preview. I should adjust my chosen Area.
What is that meaning? Should I chose another city, location or what?

There is a toggle button that lets you turn the high resolution area graphic on or off. You could make sure that is turned on, then zoom out to see if you are within one of the blue shaded areas. If you’re not, then the preview option wouldn’t do anything.

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