=NEAREST(CURRENT) only returns first value

I must be doing something wrong… I have set 3 different values:
LenX =NEAREST(CURRENT(“LenX”),81, 91, 101) , but scaling will only return the first value.

and here’s the skp.
aa.skp (134.7 KB)

‘Current’ needs to be corrected when using cm, add *2,54
It’s a bug!

Thanks. I searched the forum and came across that. When adding it, like this:
=NEAREST(CURRENT(“LenX”)*2.54,81,91,101) I then only get the highest value…
Thats really strange :slight_smile: , I thought maybe they fixed the bug, and I now get the highest value returned just because I input a 2,54 bigger value. But I really have no idea.

The nested component (Door) was mirrored/scaled by -1 at some point, when creating the ‘12’ it’s original bounds are used in the DC.
You had to rightclick on the door and ‘scale definition’ first, before you created the Parent.
Try a simple beam:
aa.skp (156,4 KB)

right. I though I could make a Flextools component that cut my wall hole, and scale the parent (the cutting component) to different sized as I go along, and also go inside to mirror my inside component for door opening direction.

That way I could keep my cut, and just modify what’s inside that main component. Works fine until I tried to add changing door sizes to the mix.

And thanks. I really have no idea how you found that I had scaled my inner component.

Rightclick on a component and look if you have the option to reset it’s scale or scale definition.
If you have one, scale definition resets the component to it’s current ‘state’ and reset will give the original state, before the scaling.

If you also have ‘reset skew’ option, you’re in a world of s***… now, you’re skewed :smiley:

luckily I was only testing. This reset is not something I should show a client:

They would probably tell me I had too much of a child component inside