Navigation visibility


I would love to have the navigation always visible like this:

I’m using the “New (xx)” link very often and have to go back to the main page to click it again after entering one new topic…


I will see if this is customizable.



Just a tip @Cotty if you scroll to the bottom of the thread the new and unread links will be there.


Yes, thank you, but I think it would be handy to have that line always visible.

@AlexB: that would be nice!


@Cotty FYI, as a workaround for now, you can always use the keyboard shortcuts.

g, n will get you to the “New” page from any topic.

Still workin’ on it…Thanks,


Thank you, that’s an helpful workaround. I’m ashamed a bit, since I always recommend using the shortcuts in SketchUp and never thought about using them here :wink:


Hey @Cotty, It looks like they will make sure this happens with the new menu redesign (which is planned for the release after next).