Navigation keys do not move design

I am designing a tram body in 4mm.ft but my navigation keys do not move one part when I am trying to join them. They do work in other programs

What do you mean by “navigation keys”? Are you referring to the cursor (arrow) keys? If so, that’s not what they do. You would select the entity or entities and use the Move tool to move it/them. The cursor keys can be used to lock the move direction but they don’t move the entity.

0.013123359580052493:1 is a very odd scale…

in SU you should model at full human scale 1:1 and export the finished model to desired scale…

doing this will avoid potential error…

there is an extension [mover2] that enables using the arrow keys, but it’s best to understand the native tools first…


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My tram is being designed at 10X actual size and will be reduced to 4MM / ft when finished.

I am using sketchup make 2017 but when I try to join parts I cannot get any fine adjustment which is making the complete design almost impossible?. Any ideas where I am going wrong?

Two common causes for new users.

  1. Length Snapping is enabled in Model Info>Units.

B. User not using the Move tool correctly. Grab the part you want to move at a point that has a concrete destination on the other part. Then move the part until the cursor snaps to the destination point.

Upload your SKP file and it’ll be easier to give you exact advice.