Naming of Group name in the dynamic component


I am having a component with different groups.
i would like my group name ( in the header as highlighted) as to be dynamically changed, before exploding the component.
For example, if the cabinet width is 600mm, the front panel to be prefix as 60_front panel,
is it possible.
if the cabinet width changed to 900mm, he front panel to be prefix as 90_front panel,
Similarly for the rest of the panel.
This was to segregate the panels, based on the box width.
attached with the image and sketchup file.

Cabinet.skp (91.7 KB)

not sure you can do that without a script to extract the bits and pre/append the info. one thing that i do is to create an attribute “objname” where i create the name i want as a string. and as long as i don’t remove DC attributes, it stays intact. and if the sub-components are components (not just groups), then reporting on them is fairly straightforward as well (such as open cut list etc).

Thanks. But i am looking for groups to prefix the names. Is it possible if groups are selected and can we prefix names