MySketchUp should be able to open/edit/save and/or import/export COLLADA (dae) files

Importing AND exporting drawings in COLLADA (DAE) format is a mandatory feature that MySketchUp must have.
More over I think that MySketchUp should support latest COLLADA version (COLLADA 1.5) and not a previous one like desktop SketchUp version do.

This is the primary meaning of the topic.

All other meanings are secondary.

Trimble may choose or not to implement NURBS primitives in this workflow.

For now MySketchUp is totally useless for me because I can not use it for work at all. Current version MySketchUp can save drawings into SKP file format only that is not recognised by all other CAD related software.

In comparison OnShape (the main competitor of MySketchUp on ChromeOS platform) is able to working with DAE, natively editing X_T file format as well as working with DWG files.
Because both CAD products (MySketchUp and OnShape) are extremely easy of use, have similar interface and have free tariff plan there are no reason to use MySketchUp for now. Even if you do not work with other CAD software now then you want to be sure that you can use your current work in most common CAD systems later.
This should be taking for consideration by Trimble when he will making decision to be or not to be COLLADA in MySketchUp as well as about a version (level) of compatibility which COLLADA would be enough.

Andrey, I believe everybody here agrees that supporting collada is useful and if exporting is in Trimble’s horizon within mySketchup scope then I see no reason not to support DAE.

Where we differ from you is that you state that DAE is mandatory and the only format needed. I’m pretty sure that isn’t the case for everyone. I, for example, do not need it and would prefer other formats… but well I really hope DAE get’s supported too!

Let me just say that I’m very thankful for being part of this discussion as I learnt a lot from your input and managed to erase some preconceptions I had towards the file formats discussed here.

So thanks, and let’s see DAE in mySketchup please! :smiley:

Collada support is critical for me, it is the whole reason why i am using sketchup. For better or worse, the web ‘game’ SecondLife has moved heavily to mesh and only supports Collada DAE files. Given SecondLife has many millions of users, almost never less that 30,000 online at any given instant, Sketchup really needs to have first-class support of DAE to be part of that. Right now, Sketchup-2016 exports BROKEN collada files that SecondLife rejects with a parsing error and even freebie 3D-Build says has errors (but is able to fix and mostly display the broken Sketchup DAE). So for now, I( have had to move to using the complex ‘Blender’ tool since its Collada DAE files do work in SecondLife.

What is the easiest way for someone to test Second Life? I have ideas on making SketchUp exports work with it, but I have no idea what is involved in getting to the point of being able to import a model. Do I have to subscribe to something?

you can create an account, they are free. or I can import a mesh model for you as a test

once you have an account, it does cost a little money to import a model, depending on its complexity etc. and, you cant import a mesh item until you take and pass their stupid ‘test’ – which has questions like “Is it wrong to import a car and say it is a Mercedes” or “Is it wrong to upload someones recorded music”.

I dug through the SecondLife viewer logs, and I think all the DAE parse errors were due to "Negative scale"s. I hope that helps

I’d be interested to hear more about the incompatibility between Second Life’s Collada import and SketchUp’s Collada export. I recall some conversations in the past with Linden Labs about differences between our interpretations of component hierarchy, but that was many years ago. If you have recent information, I’d be happy to to learn more.

We aren’t yet able to support exports (or imports) of any kind in my.SketchUp, including Collada and every other file format that the SketchUp client supports. This is pone of the primary reasons why we chose to release my.SketchUp under the ‘beta’ warning flag. We’re still actively working on my.SketchUp and releasing new features regularly. Keep your eyes out for future development in this area.


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Too much time passed from last reply but there is no progress in import/export COLLADA (dae) files capability in My.Sketchup.
When we may see some implementation to start using My.SketchUp in real life?

“critical” … “Second Life” … “Make version” … of course.