MySketchup doesn't always sync

Am I the only one experiencing this?
MySketchup app is awesome as it allows me to work at home and at work on the same project…when it works. However, I often lose many hours of work because it doesn’t sync properly. Why is there even a sync feature? If you save a file, it should be saved!
The most recent was today. Spent hours working on a drawing, while signed in, saved it, synced it, went home. At home, log in, sync again, the changes not there. Maybe that’s my problem - too much syncing? I say again, why is there even a sync? If I save it, obviously that’s what I want to keep! You don’t “sync” files on your computer.

Hello Arhude…

Thank you for alerting us to this issue. In the short term, in a new browser tab go to:

Use your login credentials, and there should be a default project waiting for you there. Open the project, and you should see your model file listed. This is a way to verify that the file has been updated. Once you save and hit the sync button, wait a few mins and then refresh the Connect file list by hitting the browser refresh button. Sometimes the files size is a factor because if it’s large and you put your computer to sleep too soon, it may not have fully uploaded the file to Connect.

Currently, the sync button is required as we need the user to push a button to start the upload to Connect sequence. We needed this to get the basic implementation working. Stay tuned as we are testing various methods to accomplish this goal.

There is no “connect file list” and the model is listed there but it’s not
the latest one and “sync all” still doesn’t actually sync it. Then I drove
all the way into work, and checked there, and it had the latest info.
Sync’ed again, still doesn’t show up at home. There was plenty of time for
them to sych and the files weren’t that large.

Hope you fix it soon. I now have to manually email the files between work
and home.

So strange… I’m having success on Windows and Mac in the Chrome browser.

So lets get some technical information. Could you give me the OS, and Browser you are using? Wondering if there is a problem with one of the other browsers.

Our dev team is on holiday until Jan 2nd. I’ll be sure to alert them right away when they get back.

Thank you for your patience!

I use Chrome on Mac OS at home, but can’t have Chrome at work (or a Mac) so
am forced to use Firefox on Win7.
Not sure why the OS or browser would matter though since you use an account
with sign in and what appears to be cloud storage and they are signing into
the account fine and showing files on the cloud. The problem is they show
different files and don’t update!