My.sketchup without internet connection, local network


Hi all,

I have a local network in an educational area where the PC’s (Win7) don’t have internet access. This is desired to avoid any system changes or illegal downloads etc. Can I install my.sketchup to make it work locally?

PS: my.sketchup is great stuff ! Now it is quite easy to distribute a model to a person without a SketchUp software installation. So everybody can watch my models without downloading and installing SketchUp.


No. But you can install SketchUp locally.

The whole point of my.SketchUp is that it is web based and doesn’t require a local installation.


Only Make, though. For activation of Pro licence you have to have internet connection.
The other option would be a private licence server, butt thats a whole different ballgame.


No longer possible with the network licensed version of SketchUp Pro. All network licenses are managed by Trimble’s license server. Pre-2015 versions worked differently, with a local license folder.



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