My.sketchup show more tools


Is there a way to display more tools on the screen in my.sketchup


Which tools would you like to add to the toolbar?


typically we work with the “large tool set” and the views pallet as well


Needs a “Delete Button” so parts can be removed went to delete the center part of a donut shape and there was NO DELETE button . . Only has erase button . .



Oh okay did not know that was the button need a might bit more destructions as being a motorcycle driver hahahaha !


Amazingly it works in desktop SketchUp, too.


Any possibility of getting the volume calculation to show up for grouped objects (create a ‘watertight’ object, turn it into a Group, and the volume appears in the Entity Info Box) like in SU 2016 Make? I’m working on some ‘visual construction calculator’ applications and this would make them much more functional. Thx.


An option like the entire large tool pallet would be nice.
I work a lot with 7th graders. They really benefit from having a graphic
displayed for their tools . I do try to encourage the use of shortcuts but
that doesn’t catch on for every kid. We also use SketchUp to create three
view orthographic drawings. parallel projection is important for this. Is
that available somewhere in my I haven’t been able to find it


I am having the same question, its a great feature of the standard Sketchup
It does it for surface area, but not for volumes.
Are there plans to add this option?


Hi Michiel,

We’re actively adding features to Entity Info now, working our way through until we have full parity with what the SketchUp client offers. Keep an eye out for new launches- we push something new about every two weeks.