My.sketchup offline mode

I have noticed that the web app is not available offline. If I already have a model open when I go offline, I am able to continue working, and even download the model. However, the save feature just “spins” while you’re offline (shouldn’t it cache locally or at least show an error message?).
Not sure if there are plans to make the app work offline, just giving observations and floating the idea. It would probably be useful to some of us, if it is possible, maybe others can chime in with their 2 cents.

A meaningful error message is usually preferred to endless limbo.[quote=“harmonj3, post:1, topic:29858”]
Not sure if there are plans to make the app work offline, …

It is designed to be SaS (Software as a service,) so it requires logging in. It is also integrated with Trimble Connect (which is an online collaborative service.)

Now, in the old days before broadband, when we all had to dial up on landline modems, we could go offline, and if we did something that needed the internet (like click the get mail button,) the reconnect dialog would pop up. (This was common in standalone email clients like Juno.)

Perhaps some features of could mimic this “going online” behavior ?