My sketchup deleted progress


So I clicked the override button next to the ‘x’ button on my sketchup project (the button just showed up and is no longer there) and now like 3 days of changes are lost. What do I do to get my progress back?


Which ‘x’ button?


When you got to your sketchup projects and hover over one, and ‘x’ button shows up.


Like this?


Yes, that’s it. For some reason there was a temporary override button beside that button, and when I clicked it I lost a lot of progress.


Did it load the pre-existing version of the file?

Unfortunately I think the fix is to redo the work. It’s unlikely that anything was saved unless you saved it yourself.


I thought it was autosave?


There is an autosave function but if you override it, you would end up going back to before the autosave.


Okay ): Thanks for the help anyway.


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