My SketchUp animation shows only subject related black lines

First time… I took good care to do it right; View 1, etc… But then, when I play the animation, the images are not rendered, only black (construction) lines appear! What did I do wrong?

BTW, I love to work with SketchUp! Eric

Go to Preferences>OpenGL and disable Hardware Acceleration. Then try the export again.

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Dave, thanks. By going through Window in the menu, I did what you advised under.

Then the problem got bigger; the arrow remains black and turns regularly to the blue spinning wheel, then back to the black arrow. I don’t get my subject.

I think it gets stuck somewhere. Is it due to the 25 MB subject concerned?

What do you mean by ‘Then try the export again.’

BTW, I’m 68 and not familiar with all employed terms. You will understand, I guess. Eric

Did you purge your model first ?

Window (menu) > Model Info (dialog) > Statistics (panel) > Purge Unused (button)


See: [wiki] Where to find Hardware Graphics Info for your SketchUp forum profile

I now have purged it. Still same problem: the arrow (pointer) remains black and is replaced by 15 sec. of the turning wheel (processing?)

I’m going to sleep now. See you later!