My side project: an Escape Game!

Hi all!

One of my favorite things about working at Trimble SketchUp is that most people in the office have a side project or two… Well, one of my projects came to fruition last month. It’s a real-life escape room game! For those who aren’t familiar with the basic concept, it’s a room full of puzzles; teams have one hour to solve all of the puzzles and unlock a treasure chest.

I used SketchUp for a few parts of the project: I used it to model our available space and to create furniture layouts, and I used it to create mocks of puzzles for my business partner to review before we started construction. Using SketchUp on an actual project was a good experience - it gave me some perspective on how skilled some of the users are on this forum!

Anyways, if anyone is local, or needs to kill some time in the area before going to Basecamp this year, come see it! It’s called “Somewhere Secret”:

Marc’s new escape room game in Fort Collins



Wow, congrats Marc! I also started a real-life escape room experience, except mine is located in St Louis, MO. I think it’s cool that you and your partner created all of the puzzles. We made a similar decision not to franchise and build the escape room from the ground up. I commend you because it definitely takes a lot of brain power to come up with challenging paths for your guests.

To anyone in the St Louis area, feel free to visit our website and complete an escape room with us! We are the newest one in the area.

I guess I missed this when it first went up! I was lucky enough to stumble across Marc’s project a little while back. Truly awesome! If you are anywhere near Ft. Collins, you should check it out!

I’ve been to a lot of escape rooms but the most unforgettable experience is at If you happen to visit Utah check it out I’m sure you’ll love it, they have 5 rooms, each is a completely different experience.