My screen goes white I lost my working area after applying some toolbars

pls anyone can help me… i got a problem in skechup. my working area is goes off after aplly some toolbar like large tool set… how can fix this pls help

Try using the Zoom Extents function (who’s icon is a blue magnifying glass surrounded by three outward-pointing red arrows). This will reset the view to bring all visible geometry into the window. If that does not work, try doing Select All and see if the Entity Info dialog box shows that anything is selected. If the Entity Info dialog box does not report a summary of what is selected (such as “37 entities” or “5 components/groups”) then the model has no visible geometry.

Might you have set any part (or all) of the model to hidden, either by using Layers and turning off the layer’s visibility, or using the Hide function to directly hide certain objects?

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even i reinstall the software still same issue… i tried the zoom extents function … its not working pls help
here is my number pls you can call me… on imo software or whatsapp

When you reinstalled SketchUp did you do it as follows ?

As your normal ‘user’ login.
Close SketchUp.
Find the installer exe file [it’s probably in your Downloads folder ?]
Select its icon.
Right-click > context-menu >
“Run as administrator”
When prompted choose ‘Repair’.
If you have already uninstalled SketchUp choose ‘Install’…
Restart SketchUp and retest it…

Doing it in any other manner can cause many unpredictable problems.
Having admin powers and double-clicking the icon to run it, is not the same thing as doing it properly.
Also do NOT login as the separate administrator account - use your usual ‘user’ account.

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