My post was deleted unfairly

I posted a link to help a woman who was struggling with Vray and ask her to checkout and send a sample render. I do not own the program. She was looking for help so I offer her an alternative Just people offer blender over SketchUp.
How do I get my post put back up. How are we going to help each other if everything we do gets blocked? The content was clearly not spam as it was a sketch-up Plugin and related.

There are many different reason if someone marking your post to delete:

  • It’s Off-Topic
    This post is not relevant to the current discussion as defined by the title and first post, and should probably be moved elsewhere.

  • It’s Inappropriate
    This post contains content that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or a violation of our community guidelines.

  • It’s Spam
    This post is an advertisement, or vandalism. It is not useful or relevant to the current topic.

  • Something Else
    This post requires staff attention for another reason not listed above.

As Colin said in the referenced topics, your post was most probably off-topic.

Since the above website link has been posted at least six times by you, it is at least suspicious that there may be something between you and the website … :wink:

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When a person has a solvable problem with a software package he/she already has, recommending the purchase of a different package is not a solution. It is spam. It is the same as if every time someone posted a problem with the Mac or Windows version of SketchUp we offered the “Buy a PC (or Mac)” as a solution.


Yep! @Anssi got it. Your post was in a topic where someone asked for help with a tool. Your post told them to go try something different. Flagged as both off-topic and as spam and removed.


It is no different than you offering a fellow sketchupper a different plugin option where an other is less effective.
The whole point is there are other options and it is not spam to suggest such when again clearly it is all to do with sketchup.
Why bust a gut trying to learn V-ray when there are easier options out there??
Clearly you have a bias for V-Ray.
You are so disingenuous to claim my help as spam.

Again… your post was not flagged by me or anyone else at SketchUp. This is a self moderating forum. Your posts were flagged by multiple members and removed. You are, of course, welcome to post about whatever rendering software you like.

If I told you that the truck I purchased was getting terrible gas mileage and you advice was “you should have bought a Tesla” it would be the same issue. Telling someone to go get something different from what they already have is not a path towards helping them.

If the question was, “I don’t like the truck I bought and I want to replace it with something that uses less gas” then your Tesla suggestion is right in the money!


Whatever Arron. Brighter 3D is free to try and only $150 to buy so your comparison hardly has any weight to the argument.
Not only that but I use it professional and can always get better results than Vray.
I wasted so much time with Vray I was lucky someone pointed me to try something different.
Just like I was point to sketchup of other 3D products.
I am totally surprised that Sketchup has not tried to obtain B3D and make it part of sketchup as It is so fast and easy to use.
I have tried them loads and all are boring to use.
Have you tried Brighter3D?

As I said, I have nothing against Brighter 3D and have heard many good things. I don’t think anyone here is opposed to you recommending it. I am honestly not much of a renderer, myself, and have only used a few solutions a few times. You are more than welcome to tell people about it and how much you like it. If you go into someones topic and, rather than helping them, tell them to use Brighter 3D instead, it may get flagged as either off-topic or spam.

You never addressed the issue nor answered my question.
My last E-mail never mentioned you had an issue with Brighter3D.
Did you even read it?

Who did the flagging so I can take it up with them.

Send me the exact wording of this policy so I can look at it please.
I want to take this further.
Kindest regards

can you outline the offence please.

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I cannot because, as I have said MULTIPLE times now, I did not flag your post…

Okay Arron
So you can’t identify anything in particular?
Can you ask the moderators to consider my points. I do not think my post is irrelevant nor spam.
It is a sound bit of advice. It can be left of taking.
It does not harm the discussion in the forum but opens up user to other possibilities to a solution to their problems.
Another thing I suggest is. If someone has an issue with a post they ought to give a good reason as to why before it get taking down.
To send someone to a FAQ or other is not addressing the issue.
Thanks for your time.

To be clear: the forum moderators are not (as far as I know) flagging your posts. The people flagging your posts are ordinary “civilian” member of the forum - such as you and me.

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If someone decides to flag a post, these are the options:


If I had to bet, I’d go with option 1 or 3 in your post, since it was clearly about a concrete problem with Vray and an alternative can’t be the solution you’re looking for.

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These guys seems to have it in hand. They have exactly explained what happened and @cotty has listed exactly what your post was flagged for.