My palette's do not dock


I just loaded up SU Make 15.
I used SU 14 and the palette (such as layers & components) would just dock just fine.
They will not dock in SU15.
What am I missing. I checked preferences.
Couldn’t find anything in the forum.
Any thoughts on this/
Thanks for checking.
Win7 32bit


Hi Bob,

Did you load any plugins with the new SU2015 install? If so, this could result from a load error associated with one or more plugins.


Thanks for getting back with me.
I did add 2 or 3 plugins.
I guess I should remove and add one by one to find out.
I assume the default SU15 is docking palettes?
I suppose I could just stay with SU14.
Not sure of the main differences between SU14 & SU15.

Thanks …


That is the best way to fix the issue. This happened to me as well when I upgraded to SU2015, but after receiving this advice from others, I was able to correct the load error problems and since then the upgrade has had absolutely no problems…

The differences between the two releases that I have noticed are that SU2015 is able to handle larger files better and there seems to be fewer BugSplats. To see the official differences you should read the release notes from Trimble. Hopefully one of the SketchUp Team members will provide the link because I could not locate it.


Release Notes

SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements