My Mouse wheel obliterates the model when used in "Orbit" mode

My Mouse wheel obliterates the model when used in “Orbit” mode.

What do you mean by “obliterates”?

Show us a screenshot or a video capture of what you are seeing.

A guess at decrypting this message: Search the forum for “clipping”.

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Thanks Anssi. That is very helpful.

Thanks Dave. I am sorted now.

Thanks Anssi.
Now the “line” and “Rectangle” commands don’t produce lines or rectangles on the model. Any ideas?

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Start here: The Learning Center and here: The SketchUp You Tube Channel. . Both are sponsored by the SketchUp Crew and well worth the time spent there.

Sorry, you have said that before. I shall change my Profile.
Also thanks for the Learning Centre tip RLGL

It’s not your profile that is at issue, it is that you replied via email with a huge corporate email signature. That has been edited out of your post by superman, ooops, a mild mannered Only Aaron. If you want to reply by email, personally I find that less than efficient, you need to turn off your email signature. If you don’t know how to do that then don’t reply via email.

They are tools, not commands. Have you turned off the display of edges in your Style settings? If not, start by going to the AMD website and download and install the newest driver for your graphics card. Also make sure that SketchUp is using the Radeon graphics instead of Intel.

OK but what personal information am I showing?
How do I change my “name” etc.

Let me put it this way, I was about to post a screen shot of what you had posted but that’s kinda not what we want to do…
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