My models seem to have disappeared


I had made 2 models in Sketchup Free and connected to Trimble. I thought they were safe in the cloud but now I see that they are no longer there. What has happened to my models?

EDIT: One of my models is there but was not showing any preview. The other one is simply missing.


Have you named them differently? This may seem to be a silly question but SU for web saves your model regularly while working and (what you think is) the oldest one might be overwritten by your later work.
Start a new model and do “Save as …” and then continue working on it.

Someone else had this problem the other day. The solution for them was to clear their browser’s caches. After that the browser was displaying the current list of models the user had done.

I tried using incognito mode (which should not use my cache) but the same problem.
One thing I noticed is that if I go to ‘Account -> Manage Account -> Members’ then I see 2 identical users as members. I wonder if one of the users has the projects I need and the other is a sort of snapshot from when I first logged in or something like that.

I had the models before and worked on them, saved them, and then opened them up again to work some more on them. Then I took some weeks break and when I came back it was like this. I am really starting to wonder if the double member thing is what is causing this and the member that I do not log in as holds the real data.

The members are identical in the name and email columns and the ‘Active seats’ shows 2.

In one of the other cases I’m checking into the same user has two entitlements for SketchUp Free, and can sometimes be signed in and see all of their models, and other times not see the models. I’ve talked with colleagues here, and the duplicate entitlement shouldn’t cause that, but still it is happening.

I will see if I can assign two seats to the same person, and what issues that might cause. You could do a test of removing one of the two, but there’s a 2 to 1 chance that it will be the one that currently gets in ok.

Hi @colin
50% chance of losing my data is unacceptable :slight_smile: I will wait for a different solution.
Did you manage to assign two seats to the same person?

The data isn’t lost, and also in talking to the expert on this he says that even if there are two entitlements for the same product, for the same email address, the user should see the models. An easy example problem case its where two people assign Shop to you, you get to see thee models based on your email address, and not based on who assigned Shop.

Another common case is where one admin person places two orders for Pro. In both cases the seat is assigned to them, and in the management page they appear twice in the members list. Both of those seats can be assigned to other people.

So far the cases I’ve figured out ended up involving two email addresses, often because the user tested Free with their personal email, loved it so much that the company brought Shop for their work email.

One imperfection I know about is that the Trimble Connect sign in isn’t synchronized to the Free or Shop sign in. You could have been using Shop with your work account yesterday, sign in to Trimble Connect with your personal email today, wonder where your models have gone to, click to start modeling, and suddenly your models are back. The reverse of that could happen too. The reason is because the app remembers what email you used the last session, and doesn’t let the Trimble Connect sign in email override that.

Dave’s incognito test would help to track down that issue, because you would be forced to sign in again.

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