My model is tilted

I have a model that was geo located and I wanted to do more work on it so I removed the geo location. Usually when I use ‘Standard Views/Front’ the model is facing front. This model is skewed by about 20°. Can I fix that?

You have apparently rotated your axes.

Standard views continue to recognize the default axis position and orientation, even after you change the axes. You can get a straight-on view by right-click > Align View, and you can save the view using a scene for instant recall.


Right-clicking on any of the axis, gives me a top view, but the model is still tilted. I reset the axis, the model shows its geo location, since I did change the axis, but the Front view is still tilted.

Now rotate the model to match the axes.

Kind of a no brainer, should have tried that first, thanks.

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