My model disappeared on sketch up free

My model somehow disappeared and all it shows is a single speaker near the axes however all 139 entities are still there.I cannot upload the skp as it is too big. Is there another way to upload it. Thanks

Save it to Drop Box and share the link.

The rest of your model is still at the origin. That speaker on the stand seems just a little bit on the large size for most rooms, though.

Delete it and hit Zoom Extents. Or you could scale the speaker down if you really have to have it. If you do that, remember to right click on the component and select Scale definition.

It would hurt to purge the unused stuff from your model.
Screenshot - 10_2_2020 , 6_25_14 AM
That’ll reduce the file size by about 80%.

How tf did that happen lol. Thanks you legend!

Where did you get that speaker component? If you got it from the 3D Warehouse, it was probably uploaded that way. Whoever modeled it didn’t pay attention to modeling it with real world dimensions.

See the edit to my previous post.

You should also get in the habit of making sure that face orientation is correct. You shouldn’t have blue back faces exposed in your model. Applying textures and colors to them doesn’t fix it.

I must have accidentally made the speaker really big.

Not quite sure what you mean. Still really new to sketchup & using the free web version.

What I mean about what?

About the face orientation

Faces in SketchUp have a front and a back. The fronts are normally shown in white (or light gray depending on the shading) while the backs are shown in blue as you can see in the last screen shot I posted. It’s best to get into the habit of keeping only front faces exposed. So in the case of the room, you should first make the floor 3D before you raise the walls and make sure the walls have thickness. The speaker components on either side of the screen should have their face orientation corrected–reversed. Open one of them for editing, select all of the geometry, right click on it and choose Reverse Faces. The same for the housing at the top of the screen and the reversed faces in the recliners.

This is part of clean modeling as is purging the unused stuff from your model as you go. As nice as it might be to see your model with various materials on it, I would suggest you wait until your modeling is done before you start adding textures. This will help keep computer performance up and let you make sure you have a clean, efficient model including correct face orientation.

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