My Locked file was opened by a coworker-should have been read-only

Working in 2023 Studio, I have a file opened and was making updates. When saving, i received the CFileException error. A coworker was able to open my file simultaneously without a “locked-read only” prompt! This is VERY troubling as it affects our workflow on a very large project. Any idea why this would happen? What is the fix? I suppose constantly double checking with each other regarding what files we are working on is an option, but it’s a troubling prospect.

Without knowing anything about your working setup, this suggests that you may be working directly from files save on a network. The general best practice suggestion is to only work on local files and manually sync to a network.

Yes, we are on a shared network. For our office, saving locally does not work, as multiple users work on the same files at different times. This work flow has not been an issue until today (been a SketchUp user since 2008). Wondering if anyone else has had this issue

Only the rather long list of people with corrupt files asking Colin to try to fix them.

Have to go to bed or I would give a fuller answer, but I’m sure others will, or a search of the forum.


I apologise, please post again with more specifics and we will gladly help you. I’m an annoying old fart.


I think file locking is a function of Windows nowadays rather than something controlled by SketchUp - there are lots of things that can happen which may or may not cause a file to lock or lock a file that nobody is using - it may well be a question for a network specialist to answer.

If you are suddenly having a change in behaviour , then there is a good chance there is a system policy or windows update that has changed the way windows is behaving.

Do you know what type of setup / network protocols your office is using?

I’ll be watching this thread to see if there are any answers from people with more knowledge on the subject.

Trimble Connect Web has “Checkin file(s)” and "Checkout File(s) options. Maybe this could work in your situation:

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I’ll have to investigate that! As we’re a server based company, Trimble Connect hasn’t really been on my radar, however this looks very interesting. Thanks, 3DxJFD

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At a minimum, when using Trimble Connect you can lay any future problems at their door and not get a “ not supported” response.