My first live component - curved shelving with sofa inside

can you confirm ? trigonometric functions return results in radians?
thank you in advance

@Elmtec-Adam @dezmo
here I posted my first live component that I made totally from A to Z it’s a 100% personal idea so it’s not a tutorial, you will just find the graph in the link of the first post
I think the best if you are looking for tutorials is to open a new topic? and make the request?
have a good day

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I changed the texts is it better for you? I updated the graph link in the first post
best regards

Looks better, but there are a few things to look at.

There is an ‘n’ missing from this text: “With backgroud”

I have not seen “Nb” used as an abbreviation for Number before. You have enough space to say Number. Same with Height.

Nb of shelves(with top) is missing a space, should be Number of shelves (with top)

I would use a capital C in the title: Curved shelf with sofa inside

Hello Collin
The French translate for number is “nombre” and is common abbreviation is “nbr” or “nb”

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ok I will take your arguments into account, sorry for my bad English translated with google and for my habits with my French language, so some mixtures :joy:

Good works bro, looking your project proceed with the help from the community encourage others to do the same. I wish someday I can creat my own component too.


Hello, thank you, I will continue to make it evolve and make others and I look forward to seeing your next live components

Sorry tenrev, I missed this message.

Trig nodes/expressions return results in radians. We have a “rad to degree” node too.

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hi Keit , thank you for your answer, great I will use this node “rad to degree” it is not natural for me to work in radian :crazy_face: :innocent:

Hi guys
I made an update of the texts @colin
I work on curves in different directions I have to work on trigonometry so I’m going back to learning :sweat_smile: :crazy_face:
before modifying my graph, I train on a simple graph and I manage to rotate a portion of the curve in symmetry, I hope I am on the right track :wink:

Hello, please help with LC: how to make a hole/opening in the wall? And also how to move this hole? For example: simple box a round hole through this box…or at least a name of some graph where I can see it, thank you very much.

I made a video where you can see how boolean operations work:

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Hi Alex, thank you for your quick reply - I will definetely check it again, because I have already seen your videos many times, but could not imagine finding there an answer to my question (opening in the wall)…but as you can see - I am a beginner…
working in LC, first of all, I always try to imagine how would I create the same thing “normally” in SUpro. sometimes it helps, sometimes does not…I do not speak the “node language” well yet…

maybe a topic like “how is it made/built” would be helpful on this forum…

Hello vlapredbv

Here’s one way to do it, but there are many more!
wall with hole


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Hello simjoubert,

thank you very much - that is exactly what I was looking for…

it’s a bit weird to ask a question to make holes in a rounded library subject that has nothing to do with it? why not open a new topic?

Hi my friend Simon, that’s good I needed a pegboard and I was going to do it, so I started from your model

hi tenrev,
sorry I just wanted to ask a question on this forum without knowing how…so I just opened “something” and wrote the question down…

now I know how

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Hello vlapredbv
no problem it’s more for your subject, drowned in another it will be more difficult to find and serve others :wink:
good day