My first extension on the Warehouse: Thanks for all the help

My First Extension “2DXY SIteSurvey tools” is finally live on the Extension Warehouse.
I believe I can give a free license to anyone on the this forum who helped me along the way.
So if drawing Land Surveys is useful to you, download a free trial and send me a message.

I looked at the API and wrote my first line of Ruby in January. Two dozen ruby scripts, over 2000 lines of code, a 4 page illustrated HTML user guide and 2 videos later, I’m ready to work on my next 2 planned extensions.
Along the way I found several holes in the API, bugs in Sketchup, and various “features” and weaknesses in dimensions, text fonts, offset arcs…, but was always encouraged to plug along by the quick and helpful responses I found here.

So check out my videos and thanks again.