My first creation in SketchUp!

Hi, all. I finally got around to starting something for real; I created a small portion of a level from my most favorite video game (Monsters, Inc. for the PS2). It’s my first thing done in SketchUp, and as such, it isn’t all that good. I ripped the textures from the game itself so it’s more “authentic” so to say. Tell me what you think!

I can’t get a good snapshot of the original level, no matter what I try, because the camera is so restricted. But, if you want, look on YouTube and type, “Let’s Play Monsters, Inc. PS2: Part 9 - Garbage Disposal” videos of the level will come up.

Here’s a video of the model:


Pretty awesome. Great job.

I am a little surprised this game is anyone’s favorite. Usually video games based on a movie are not the best.

thanks for sharing.