My Fabulous door :-)

So I made a door that cuts with Wallcutter, resizes with scale tool, rounded to nearest 10 cm +1, as one does in my country, and I can use scale tool to mirror the turn and open direction on the inner door blade component. Thats the best way for visually working easily with doors that I can think of.


My framework will not mirror though. If I put it inside the door blade component then that component cannot have axis origo in the center of the door, and then scaling it easily will not work. Any ideas? Can I get the frame to rotate around the center based on the turn direction that is returned when I scale? Also: If I try to set a fixed thickness for my door blade the whole component scales strangely. I cannot understand how that happens…

here’s the skp:

faboulous door 2.skp (123.4 KB)

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