My ellipse tool seems to have gone missing..... Any ideas?


Hi Everyone,

As the title says, my ellipse tool doesn’t seem to be anywhere. I haven’t rearranged my toolbars or anything, i just don’t have an ellipse tool.

Does anyone have any ideas?


There is no native ellipse tool, was it perhaps a plugin that has gone astray?


That is so strange… I dont remember having one but I was looking at some learning stuff on google and they showed the icon for the ellipse tool. Perhaps it was on some other version, possibly years old.

It seems more of a case of, never had it to lose it… thank you.


You were probably looking at a Layout tutorial.


You don’t mean the circle or three point arc tool instead do you?



This is the Ellipse toolbar button from LayOut. Box is probably correct.


Thanks everyone for chiming in on this… I am now happily using the arc tool so I will stop looking for a non existent one I think!



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