My drawing was in inches and now in feet

I have been working on a drawing and {Units} has always been displaying in inches. Cabinet 18" etc. Now when I came back the drawing is in feet? Cabinet now displaying 18’. What did I click and how do I click it back to inches. The drawing thinks I want an 18’ cabinet. Anybody know the fix to this??

Sounds like you resized your model. Probably by measuring something with the tape measure and then typing in a number mistakenly as feet. No matter, easy to fix. Can you attach you model here in a response window. Drag and drop the file from your harddrive into a response so we can be sure of what your problem is.

If you want to try a fix based on my guess. Use the tape measure to measure one edge of a known length, click each end one to start and one to finish. Then type in the correct measurement (don’t click into the window, just type). You will be asked if you want to resize your model, say yes.

I must have done this in reverse to start this trouble and didn’t realize what I was saying “yes” to.

This worked and I cannot thank you enough for your quick response.

Lesson learned. I’m so inexperienced at this program . . . I’m hoping there is a time I come to it and it feels easy. Until such time . . . uuurrrgh!

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