My divisions are disappearing?

Newby here, I’ve created my component and moved it and copied it. Now trying to make an even distribution to the component with /3 and after I press enter, the copy disappears and the division never takes place. I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong. I have searched all the tutorials and I’m doing everything correctly – but why isn’t it working?

I have tried it both when setting the copy and then /3 and also while the component is still hovering /3 and then entering. Every time it all disappears except the original component.

I appreciate any feedback or videos to watch. Thank you for your time.

The symptoms you describe sound like what you would see if you type /3 before completing the copy/move operation. Click to complete the copy/move operation, placing a second version in the model, then type /3 and enter.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work. I am following along a demonstration and this one step isn’t working. I’m so confused. I appreciate the tip and the time you took to answer my question. Thank you.

Dumb question: are you sure you are typing " / " then a number? This is correct (shares a key with the question mark), and not " \ " then a number. The latter will fail in the way you describe.

Maybe attach the model you are working on so we can examine it.

That isn’t a dumb question at all! I checked both in fact, hahaha because the correct one didn’t work. I was able to do this with a fence post a couple days ago with no issues. Its the weirdest thing.

Attach a model you’re having trouble with. Perhaps there is some specific problem here. Does this happen with a freshly created object?

I thought maybe there was an issue with it. So I’ve started over 3 times. Don’t judge hahaha I’m just so confused.

I’ve created the component
Selected the T to give a guide 6’
Then I selected the M and the ctrl to create a copy and moved it. I first did the /3 enter and the copy disappeared. Then I landed the copy and created a new like you suggested and did the /3 and same thing, it disappeared. I’ve zoomed out thinking maybe it was placed somewhere else. No luck.
Thank you again for your time with my issue. You are a wonderful human! <3

You do need to complete the move and place a second copy, but it sounds like you are trying that and it’s not working, curious.

Can you include a copy of your .skp model? Drag and drop it from your desktop to an open response window.

The behavior you’re describing is what the tool would do if a non correct symbol got entered. Is your keyboard a standard US keyboard? Is number lock turned on? Try with the number first then the forward slash which should work too.

Try opening a window in SketchUp Go online and see how it behaves there.

You are amazing! I will try all of this. Thank you! Happy weekend! I have to put it down for a bit. :smile: