My (Brief) Instagram Experience

I recently got an Instagram account (on September 12) and quickly discovered that without a smartphone of some sort, it’s pretty much useless. While I can use Chrome (or other browsers) on my desktop to view my pages, posting something is nearly impossible**. There are plugins for Chrome to get around the problems, but they require permission to modify any website I authenticate to (ick).

This morning I got up to check my account and got this instead:


It’s just as well, I guess … I never really got the hang of it ;(

** The various workarounds sometimes work and sometimes don’t. I was able to post five pictures and comment on two other grams, but it didn’t always work or the pictures never showed up.

Recently I was looking through the photos on a guy’s Instagram page and got a popup that wouldn’t let me go any farther unless I signed up. I thought I would use it for posting some images of SU models and stuff but I couldn’t figure out how to upload them from my computer. I guess I won’t need that option.

Doesn’t seem like this service is very welcoming to people not photographing the physical world :confused: .

Well, I use (my) Instagram in a pc to post stuff, and I use Chrome. You just need four steps:

  1. Go to instagram website and login
  2. Ctrl + Shift + I to activate the inspect tool.
  3. Ctrl + Shift + M to toggle the device bar.
  4. F5 to reload the website and get the beloved upload button

That worked but didn’t stick. Seems like a lot of work to go to to get the upload button every time.

In Firefox you just have to press Ctrl + Shift + M and then F5, but I get your point. It’s not a really intuitive way to upload pics.

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I’ve gotta be honest here with you, but Instagram was never designed as a desktop experience. It was born on the phone and there it resides. Any complaint about it’s lack of browser support is misplaced. It’s a mobile app for mobile posting, so your best (and only) chance at having the basic experience is to use the app. And good news is that you can post any image you want from there.

That’s true. It’s primary function and ultimate design was and is photography. Instagram the name implies this on more than one level. There are countless image sharing sites out there though already.

Where were you yesterday. You should have told me before I even registered. I guess since I’m not inclined to share what I’m eating at the moment or photo after photo of myself, I should just remove that useless app from my phone. Thanks for the heads up.


If you can access any of your Sketchup modeling images on your phone then you should be able to post them.

But Instagram was always meant for immediate posting. That’s why it has a built in camera and extensive filters (instafilm reproductions) for photography. Even the word gram implies it’s for short fleeting bursts.

Doesn’t matter anyway. It’s just another time suck.