My armchair is pixelated with velour material

My armchair is pixelated.
The velour material doesn’t fit neatly, no matter what I do, no matter how I try to change its settings, it still looks like this. And all velour materials look like this, whether I put it on the armchair or on the wall. What should I try to do?

You need to find an image for the material that is basically even across the surface and “seamless” so that it doesn’t feel like it’s tiles when sketchup “tiles” it. Additionally, the chair is made of facets, and there’s no way to truly get around that completely.

I run into this problem often with rounded objects. Sketchup does not create a nice UV Map (Unwrapping - Vectary Documentation) that unwraps with perfect seams. The tedious workaround for this (unless you use an extension for UV unwrapping, is to turn hidden geometry on, and with your paint bucket tool, eye-drop the polygon next to the one you’re trying to match and then paint. You would do this for every polygon on the model. Eye-drop the previous poly and paint the next one… so on and so on.

I’m not sure what solution there is for this on the i.Pad sketchup doesn’t have any tools to handle this very well, so on Desktop you need tools to reproject the UVs

Paint Tool - Projected - Sample Paint, all native tools (which probably also exists in iPad)

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You’ve just save me hundreds of future hours…
I have been doing this all wrong. Thank you!

With pleasure!

If you want better and faster… UV unwrapping and UV mapping in Blender, then bring back in SketchUp as DAE file. See my YouTube video!

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