My Architectural Draftings, Renderings and Animations

Great talent! Great renders.


Hello Forum!
First Image shows a section cut, drafted in 2d with Allplan. For fun I drafted this in 3d with SketchUp and Layout.



I like the blue arrows for ventilation.

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Well done! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks Guys!

I have one problem with Layout: It is possible, to do dimensioning in isometric view, but not in 2 point perspective. Hope this feature will come soon.

Hi Peter,

Very nice job. I working on building a custom home in Utah. Can I hire you?

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I want to share this with you:
Recently I replaced my Ipad with a Surface Go. On iOS you can only install stuff from the appstore, but the surface is running Windows 10, so you can install just everything. Of course I had to try out SketchUp 2019 Pro. And it runs :grinning:
I opened my “little vacation house”, size 86 MB, and without shadows turned on, the performance is ok. Of course I don´t want to work all day long on this small device (screensize: 10"), but browsing the 3d warehouse or doing little things on the go is fun. And, SketchUp is running better on the Surface Go than the SketchUp-Viewer on iOS on my Ipad Pro.

Surface Go Specs:
CPU: Intel Pentium 4415Y@1,6 Ghz.
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 615
Ram: 8 GB

Link to my “little vacation house”, 3d warehouse:

And some time ago I did a full Animation with Lumion:
(of course, I didn´t render the Animation on the Surface go :sweat_smile:. It was rendered with a GTX1080 on a Desktop PC)

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Threw that little vacation house into Enscape, really like how this turned out.


Awesome! :+1::grinning:

I built this little scene and this is my first attempt with Vray for Sketchup (using the demo). I like this tool.



These are fantastic. Just one question - where did you get the plants from? I struggle to find plants that render well??

Thanks a lot Grey!
Except the Renderings in the last Post, all Renderings are made in Lumion Pro 8.5. In this program you can find a huge library of plants, trees etc.

Thanks Peter,

I have been using Twinmotion recently which is ok but lacks a little realism. I can import plants from sketchup but I am struggling to find decent 3D plants that will render in video.

What renderer are you using for video? Only Twinmotion?

As I know: In the Library of Twinmotion you can find a lot of Plants and Trees! I suggest the following workflow: Architectural stuff: Modeling in SketchUp. Vegetation and Additional Landscape in Twinmotion (or Lumion):
I made this in SketchUp and exported this without the parcel and Trees to Lumion.

In Lumion I modeled the Landscape and placed all the Vegetation. Even the little Lake:

BTW: I made an Animation of the whole thing with Lumion. Link to my Youtube-Video:


Or you model not only the architecture, but also the property and other things like the street in SketchUp, export this to Twinmotion (or Lumion) and add the landscape in the Renderingtool.
My House by the Lake looks like this:

This is the SketchUp-Model:

Additional Landscape an all the Vegetation I did in Lumion:

Link to the video on Youtube, Exterior and Interior:


Hi Peter,

They look stunning. I follow a similar path with Twinmotion and use their library of trees & shrubs. I model in Sketchup and then import into Twinmotion. The only issue is that there is currently a very limited library available. I can import 3D sketchup plant models but the files tend to be very large and significantly increase the size of the video files.

Hey Peter B, Nice to see Aaron from Sketchup Video’s in Boulder CO is getting a beach holiday. LOL Maria

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Hi Grey,
Maybe you can use the Extension “Skimp” to reduce the filesize of the plants.


Hi Peter,

Thanks for the link it looks a really usual tool.
This is the sort of content I get from Twinmotion. It’s still too cartoon like for my liking.

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