My 3D warehouse

I’m writing my master thesis on BIM-based Site Utilization Planning. By Site Utilization planning I mean the process in which BIM is used to graphically represent both permanent and temporary facilities on construction site during multiple phases of the construction process. It may also be linked with the construction activity schedule to convey space and sequencing requirements.

One of my goal is to collect a comprehensive object library of permanent and temporary facilities on construction site. My company doesn’t want that the object library would be public. SketchUp 3D warehouse would be otherwise very good platform for the library because it is connected to SketchUp and there is also other good functions in it. Is there any possibility to make the My 3D warehouse password protected that only certain people could see it?

The idea of this construction component library is that other users in my company could modify the object library and share their objects. What could be a good solution for this if my 3D warehouse could not be password protected?

Sounds like you are describing the perfect scenario for Trimble Connect.