Mustang Custom Car Build


I am new to sketchup and I want to build a 3d model of a custom mustang to see if it is worth building in real life. I drew a couple of simple 2d sketches on windows paint, but I can’t see the full picture properly. I am attaching a photo of simple construction steps to make it look the way I want. I hope somebody will be able to build what I want in a 3d sketch for me. I tried for 2 hours but I’m getting stuck. I am attaching a nice base model mustang that I found on the 3d warehouse which should be used when designing the mustang. I will be really grateful to the person who can do this for me!

Attachment(custom mustang construction steps)
Ford Mustang Dode Steps-1

(Sketchup Mustang Base Model)

Are you sure you can make a cut there? It looks like the rear window pillar is a big part of the roof support, I would not want to roll the car if that was removed!



Bur if you want to try and model it then SubD plugin would be the I would do it. Make a proxy, interect the meshes and then subdivide all to make a smooth joint.

Forgot the final step!

I still think SubD is the best plugin to help you use this:

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